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(geplaatst op 20 July 2006)
After a year long of neglecting the place I finally completely redid my Game Maker website. Special thanks to Hyun for all of his excellent help on the design and thanks to all testers who helped me get this site going.
I present to you:
Under the changes you'll see among other things the inclusion of full games. As a special treat for passing the 100.000 unique visitors the game Blocks has been converted to Game Maker 6.1 and has been thoroughly improved. Definitely check it out.
I hope you enjoy the new design and do contact me if something is still wrong. Also contact me if something doesn't work in your "exotic" browser as the site makes some use of specific browser hacks. Make sure to enable Javascript. Enjoy and do reply to tell me what you think about it.


 Jeff van Hees plaatste op 2006-08-21 10:39:39Quote
Nice work Simon! Much better than the previous layout! Only one thing: There is a red border around the "Game Maker header logo" on the top of this page. Maby you can fix that?
The Google Ad's fits really good on your site!
 knowitall plaatste op 2008-12-12 00:50:09Quote
make games



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