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(geplaatst op 29 April 2006)
The download system on my site has been rewritten. It now has lots of neat features such as mirrors and hotlinking blocking. It now will also shut down extremely popular downloads rather then shut down my entire site because I'm over my data limit.
Enjoy the new system. If anyone wants to mirror files, contact me. If you notice and downloads suddenly being death then also contact me. If you have any difficulty downloading files from my website then simulary, contact me.
You can reach me at simondonkers+download at Gmail and end that with a dot com.

Note that this goes for the download system on my Games page and various other places but not for my GM website which uses it's own system.

Now on to write a hack in my blog system to support blogging while Eo's blogging server is down.


 Blijbol Software plaatste op 2006-04-30 10:57:23Quote
I never really understood why you had to submit blog entries at the EO site and then using a weird-6-hour-synchronization-system for the entry to appear here. Personally I would prefer to do it the other way round: use a posting system on your own site and create some sockets to duplicate the entry to EO on submission. This way you won't need a 6-hour-bot. Just an idea.
 Simon Donkers plaatste op 2006-04-30 11:07:37Quote
The Eo site doens't give me control to submit messages automatically. It does have a members only RSS feed which allows me to get new posts.
That 'weird 6 hour synchronisation system' is to make sure I don't give to much bandwidth to Eo, keep my own page loading time down by not doing this as the page loads and have more control on how things will be displayed by using a CPU intensive parser.

With the site redesign the Eo blogging syste is being rewritten though so several of these points cease to exist. Still need to write a system to handle the duplicate features that both my and Eo's system will have.



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