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Hosting issues (solved)

(geplaatst op 22 March 2006)
Update: As the month passed my bandwidth limit is reset and I'm expecting the bandwidth issues to not come up again this month. Although one can never tell for sure.

My website is having some hosting issues. Mainly due to an increased level of attention to Bacteria 2. With Download counter downloads my host can't keep up. Had a new record yesterday with 2900 downloads in just 8 hours.

So if you are experiencing any hosting issues then try coming back a little while later. Also anyone that knows Czech's, please contact me or anyone that knows a good hotlinkable filehost with a few gb data traffic a day. In case my site gets offline I can be reached at:
Simon Donkers at Remove the spaces and replace the at with @.

My apologies for the inconvinience.


 Sensei plaatste op 2006-03-22 16:25:43Quote
I don't have any solutions to your problem, sorry. I just wanted to note that doing the "name at" thing for email generally doesn't work any more for spam protection. You'd probably be best off just putting up an image with your email address (or just give a link to your contact page). The spam bots are pretty clever these days :(
 Simon Donkers plaatste op 2006-03-22 23:46:00Quote
There's a few reasons why I choose this method. One is that I guessed most bots would be fooled by the space in the name. Secondly Gmail spam filter works pretty amazing. With 1727 blocked emails last month and about 10-20 skipped I'd take some changes. Also the reason I don't link to my contact page is because that page works through a mail server I have with the hosting. If my host is down that page is down to. With an estimaed 1gb/hour data traffic yesterday there's a pretty big change my host might have some more issues in the future. As my email adres is routed through this server it means no site=no email.

I do face the "cleverness" on a daily basis when trying to keep my guestbook spam free unfortunately :(.
 Sensei plaatste op 2006-03-23 07:05:56Quote
Understandable. I am not very familar with how well gmail's spam filters work since I don't get many emails (I don't give my email out often). If I got as many spam messages as you, I would probably not check the spam folder and at the same time would be afraid that I missed one of the messages.
 frazer plaatste op 2006-05-13 11:21:02Quote
im making a game called human background but im only 10 years old in year 5 so im not that good aat knowing how to host my game on to the internet iv made a zip file of it

SD: Have a look at the GMC. They offer lots of help in distributing your game.



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