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(geplaatst op 25 February 2006)
The moving platforms tutorial and the Common flaws within GM games article are both translated to german by Windapple. They are both available at the Unofficial German GMC.
Thanks Windapple.

For those of you who wish to translate a resource to your own native language feel free to contact me and we can work everything out. I'm trying to make this website as useful as I can for everyone. Part of this effort means making every resource available for everyone to learn from. This is why I want to provide links to as many translations as I can.

Enjoy the German resources and hoping to get lots of translation requests in,

Simon Donkers


 Simon Donkers plaatste op 2006-02-27 12:53:04Quote
Windapple has now also translated the article Coding efficiency
Enjoy and thanks Windapple :).



Reageer AUB in het Engels, alvast bedankt.