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Bacteria 2 won some awards

(geplaatst op 8 November 2005)
Game Maker Awards 06, a yearly competition this time held by Roach of Death and Cynical is done. Bacteria has been nominated 3 times. In this public choice awards Bacteria two has won the following awards:
Thanks to all those that voted for me.


 scronix plaatste op 2005-11-10 20:39:51Quote
this game deserved to win!!
 niels plaatste op 2006-01-07 22:57:58Quote
Sure, It's the best game ive ever seen...
 Sensei plaatste op 2006-01-11 19:58:57Quote
Congrats on the prizes. You deserve them with that game. Just one gripe that is probably beyond your control anyway. "6nd" should be "6th".
 DtD plaatste op 2006-04-16 01:02:35Quote
Go Bacteria!
 Jeff van Hees plaatste op 2006-08-21 10:42:42Quote
Maybe it's a littlebit late, but why you do not make a new bacteria version in... 3D? You can call it.. Bacteria 3..D ;) Keep up the work!



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