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Portal redesign

(geplaatst op 17 July 2005)
I've completely redesigned my portal site. It now has lots more features such as a forum and the blog has more features. Basically lots of new functions are available.

Also this website is currently available partly in Dutch at Dus alle Nederlandsers die dit lezen, veel plezier daar.

Looking forward to your comments about this.


 CrazyClown2 plaatste op 2005-07-21 21:05:08Quote
I must say that I much prefer the new portal over the old gray layout! There are a few things I'd like to point out:

1. All of the news posted before the 18th news item show that they were "posted at 1 January 1970". Broken clock, prehaps. :D

2. One of your random banner says "My populair Game Maker resource site". Popular only takes an i in dutch, not in english. ;)

3. I like how the forum works, it feels more like a site map than a forum, but it makes it easy for everyone to find out comments and content. Nice job on this one!

4. I think you should add links to your subdomains (games and gamemaker at leasts) on the main portal. The random banner is good but as I just said, it's not always present. Besides, not eveyone might think of looking in the forum.

5. Google updated it's PR around one week ago. I think you had mainly 2, but now you've got a 3 at many places. Keep up the nice SEO work (and don't forget your Game Maker section).

6. I just noticed that Bacteria 2 on the games page links to "http://www," (notice the , instead of a .) for the H Unit seal of quality.

7. If you're bored enough, go back to point 1.

Sorry for being a bit picky, that's just how I am. All in all, the site seems more and more solid, it's getting better on every update. Awesome job Simon.
 Simon Donkers plaatste op 2005-07-22 12:45:39Quote
Thanks for your in-depth advice.
Point 1, I changed the format dates are stored in the DB. Old post are stored with a string of the date and new posts are stored with that and a time stamp. I'll have a look how to fix it without manually calculating 18 timestamps.
EDIT: fixed, now old posts do display a slightly different timestamp.

2, didn't know you spoke Dutch. Has been fixed.

3, that really was the main idea. To allow people to find new posts quickly and keep up to date with discussions. Plus allow me to look cool and be an admin :D

4, I was planning to do so. But for that I wanted to make some real nifty looking banners which take a bit of time to make. It so happens to be though that the random banner somehow randomly always shows links at the front page, completely randomly.

5, I seem to have just missed it with my new design. But my games page is fully indexed it seems. Now only waiting for a toolbar update so I don't have to hear from other people what Google does.

6, fixed

7, has already been fixed. Besides, I'm never bored. :P

I like people who are picky. They are one of the few people who are actually capable of giving some thorough advice.
Thanks a lot for your advice. I really appreciate it.
 sconix plaatste op 2005-07-30 09:49:09Quote
Cool design :)



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