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Make a game, win a 360

Posted at 4 Jul 2007, 18:08:31 GMT:
Yes, I'm still alive. I'll update this blog some more in a little while with a sneak preview of something exciting. For now, here's some shameless advertisement, unfortunately only from people from the Netherlands.

Do you care for the climate? Do you want a 360? Do you like making games? Do you want to learn more about Game Maker?
If so then I got a solution for you. Climate Quest has just started a competition to make a game around climate change and the first prize is an Xbox 360.
The goal is to create a game to make people thing about climate change and what they can do to stop it. For instance, promote using public transport, switching lights off when you leave, spend less time in the shower, recycle materials, ...
The competition goes through the entire summer holiday and your game has to be finished on the 31st of august. For those that are interested, Climate Quest will give several day long masterclasses on how Game Maker works and also how to create interesting and compelling games around climate change.
If you are interested, check out there website for further details:

(for those who think this sounds like an advertisement, it is one. I'll be giving the Game Maker part of the masterclass and I want to meet as much readers from this blog as I can. So go compete, sign up for the masterclass and win that 360, the upcoming sneak preview is about which is undergoing a total metamorphose)

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