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Game Maker masterclass

Geplaatst op 11 Nov 2006, 14:06:05 GMT:

Some random updates about my life.
  • I have given a presentation for I&I (a Dutch organisation of Computer Science teachers) about the advanced functions of Game Maker. More information is available at my portfolio (Dutch only)
  • I've been working very hard on Game I've decided rather then to fill this blog with all my newsitems I've set up a seperate blog for the site. Some interesting new features are that the site is now multilangual (Dutch, English and French) and includes some nifty tools you might like such as linkable D&D icons and a GML color parser. We are working hard on adding some more unique features to the site.
    If you want to help translate the site, know RSS feeds to add, have tools to suggest for us to built, want to make extra themes, or have any other comment about the service don't hesitate to contact me. There's contact details on the about page for me as well as scattered just about everyhwere on the web.
Other then that I'm currently spending a lot of time on school. A week ago I gave a presentation at our school on our project Faethon Da Vinci to among other the big boss of my faculty and the big boss of the big boss of my faculty. I'm giving my presentation again next wednesday at some school PR thingy.
I am still trying to spend some time working on Game Maker but my time is currently severely lacking. Going a weekend on holiday to Brugge (Belgium) and a weekend to Amsterdam (museumnacht) didn't really help free my timetable.

My current todo list is to finally finish off my still secret project, part #1. When Game Maker 7 comes out spend some time making my games Vista capable. When Vista comes out, buy a new PC. When the Wii comes out, buy it. Try to break my 1000 downloads/hour record for Bacteria 2. (Getting on the front cover of Spellenweb didn't yet have any serious effect on my download stats. ) Make sure my download counter can handle seriously heavy load as well as my games site. A week ago it crashed with 50 simultanious downloads in a matter of minutes with mysql connections issues. Become ruler of the world, multimillionaire and win a nobel price have been delayed for unspecified time Sad.

Now everybody go comment on my blog to show that people actually read it and tell me what you think of Game


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