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Game Maker.Info

Geplaatst op 09 Sep 2006, 18:36:31 GMT:
The last weeks I have been working hard with Johannes Stoop on building a new service to all Game Maker users. Today is the public launch of the first beta of this.


However, this is just the beginning. We have several plans we are working on to expand this service to greater heights. More items will be rolled out for this domain to expand it's usefulness to Game Maker users. One feature we are working hard on is localisation. For instance people from the Netherlands can view news from the Dutch GMC. If you want to help localise this page contact us.
We also want to add more information to this site so if you have / know a good site then send us the RSS feed so we can include it. There's a poll on my site what you like to see included on this service.

A few unrelated notes.
@ All, SimonDonkers.Com is fully updated. Especially have a look at the neat about page and the stats page.  :D
@ Pug Fugly on my previous blog, I claim defeated :(
@ Those who are strangely interested in me, my 21st birthday is on the 27th of September. :)


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